Netherlands invests in NATO’s flank

The Netherlands has committed to investing €1 million to strengthen the countries on NATO’s borders. The money will go to the Alliance’s Defence Capacity Building Trust Fund. The government announced this new contribution Thursday at the NATO Summit in Brussels.

The Trust Fund enables NATO member states to invest in security capacity building in Europe’s neighbouring countries to improve their resilience to threats such as terrorism. Minister Blok: ‘With this contribution, the Netherlands is investing in stability in the countries surrounding Europe and in our own security. NATO is and will remain the best guarantor of collective security.’

This new contribution will be used to support projects in Jordan, Tunisia, Iraq, Ukraine and Georgia. For example, with this investment the Netherlands will help Georgia set up a military academy and will provide training in Iraq for clearing explosives left behind by ISIS. Within NATO, the Netherlands will continue to help Ukraine, specifically in its efforts to rehabilitate wounded soldiers and clear explosive devices.