Reaching the highest point of the core of the EMA building

The highest point of the core of the permanent building of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has been reached. That has been announced by minister Bruno Bruins (Medical Care) in a letter to the Dutch Parliament. It is an important milestone in the relocation of EMA from London to Amsterdam, a direct result of Brexit. In a year and a half a custom-made EMA building will have been realised at the Amsterdam Zuidas, incorporating a professional conference centre. EMA’s temporary premises - the Spark building - will be ready for use on January  first, 2019. This building is currently being renovated. The EMA-organisation is scheduled to move from London to Amsterdam in March 2019.

The new EMA building
For the past six weeks, the core of the new EMA building has risen almost three meters every day and reached 80 meters at its highest point. The building has 20 floors and 1,300 workspaces. The EMA-building is built by a Building Consortium which is established by Dura Vermeer, the contract partner of the CGREA, with Heijmans. All concerned parties are very proud that this major milestone has been reached on schedule.

The first EMA-employees have already moved to the Netherlands, and found themselves a house and schools for their children. All EMA staff members receive personal guidance, so that they can make a good start in the Netherlands. It is very important to EMA that as many employees as possible move to Amsterdam. This to ensure the business continuity of the agency, which is responsible for the monitoring and safety of medicines in the EU. New innovative medicines need to have timely access to the EU-market and EMA must remain able to act quickly when problems with a medicine occur. The largest group of staff members will move to our country in the Spring of 2019, together with the organisation itself. So far EMA has also received 3,500 unsolicited applications.