Free check of businesses' camera systems

Half of all images recorded by private camera systems in the Netherlands are unsuitable for tracking down suspects. Ferdinand Grapperhaus, the Minister for Justice and Security, has therefore launched a new campaign today: Excellent Camera Surveillance (Excellent Cameratoezicht). During the campaign, businesses can have their camera system and camera positioning checked by the Centre for Crime Prevention and Public Safety (CCV).


In 2009, there were nearly 3,000 robberies in the Netherlands; nowadays though this has dropped to about 1,100 a year. Last year, however, there was a small 3% increase. According to Minister Grapperhaus this shows that we need to continue to seek new ways of improving the way robberies are dealt with. 'A robbery is a horrible crime with a major impact on its victims. Unfortunately, on average there are still some three robberies every day. The 'Excellent Camera Surveillance' campaign is an important new and effective weapon in the battle with criminal activity such as violence, theft and robbery. Improving the quality of camera images is a big help in this respect. So I'm asking businesses to help in working together to improve image quality.' The Minister launched the campaign today in Haarlem. Entrepreneurs in the province of North Holland are the first to be eligible for the free camera scan. This is to ensure that the applications can be processed properly. The national roll-out of the campaign will follow later this year.

The ‘Excellent Camera Surveillance’ is an initiative of the central government, the police, the CCV and the North Holland regional platform for crime control (RPCNH: Regionaal Platform Criminaliteitsbeheersing Noord-Holland). The police will share its expertise with businesses to ensure that the camera systems are properly installed and adjusted. Despite the fact that there are over 1 million camera systems in the Netherlands, many of them are not installed and adjusted correctly.

Camera in View

Today also saw the 200,00th camera registered in the 'Camera in View' (Camera in Beeld) database.  This police project details where public and private camera systems in the Netherlands can be found which record parts of the public road or private premises. This allows police in the event of an incident to quickly establish where nearby camera systems are which could be used in the investigation.

More information about the 'Excellent Camera Surveillance' campaign can be found on the website of the RPCNH, the North Holland regional platform for crime control:

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