Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund Act also applicable to the BES islands

From now on, victims of violent crime on the islands of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba (BES islands) will also be able to make claims pursuant to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund Act (Wet Schadefonds Geweldsmisdrijven). The act drafted by Sander Dekker, the Minister for Legal Protection, will come into effect today. This extension applies to crimes committed on or after 1 January 2017.

Minister Dekker:

'Victims of violence deserve our support. A payment from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund is an acknowledgement of the injustice that someone has experienced and contributes to regaining trust.'

The Compensation Fund provides a single payment to victims of violent crime who have sustained serious physical or mental injuries. It is intended as a safety net for victims whose damages will not be compensated in another manner; for example, by the perpetrator. Next-of-kin of victims who have lost their lives due to a violent crime or involuntary manslaughter can also receive a payment from the Compensation Fund. This fact is also true for next-of-kin of victims who have sustained serious and permanent injuries as a result of violent crime.