Extra funding for asylum, justice system and forensic care

The Ministry of Justice and Security is to receive EUR 270 million to cover additional expenditure in 2019 under the Spring Memorandum.Most of the additional funding is earmarked for asylum, the justice system and forensic care.In addition, some of the measures previously imposed on the Public Prosecution Service are being reversed. This is set out in information submitted to the House of Representatives by Minister of Finance Wopke Hoekstra today.


A one-off sum of EUR 13 million is being provided to cover the cost of reassessments for the amnesty scheme for minor asylum seekers. Furthermore, from 2020 on, an additional sum of over EUR 100 million will be made available on a structural basis for the operational process of the cooperating organisations within the asylum system. These funds will be used to help reduce the number of people who have been in the asylum procedure since the 2015 crisis and to shorten the time needed to process asylum applications.

Justice system and the Public Prosecution Service

Money is being made available in the Spring Memorandum to address problems in administration. Additional funding is being provided to ensure stable financing of the Public Prosecution Service and the justice system. A measure to cut EUR 12 million that was previously imposed on the Public Prosecution Service is being reversed. An additional EUR 50 million will be provided to help balance the justice system budget for 2019. Discussions on structural funding are ongoing between the ministry and the judiciary. These negotiations will be concluded in time for Budget Day, the State Opening of Parliament.

Forensic care

The Dutch Government is making additional funding available to cope with increasing demand for forensic care services. A total of EUR 220 million will be provided in the coming three years. These funds will be used for matters including increasing the number of treatments under a hospital order.