Prime Minister Rutte speaks at MH17 commemoration

Today Prime Minister Mark Rutte gave a speech at the commemoration at the MH17 National Monument in Vijfhuizen. His message can be summarised as follows: 

Today, 5 years to the day since the disaster, we are gathered at the MH17 Monument, which symbolises 298 people who will be forever in our thoughts. For the victims’ families the grief remains as palpable, the pain as deep, and the sense of powerlessness as gnawing as ever.

Coming together at this peaceful place gives strength and offers comfort. By crying together, recounting memories and sharing experiences, and by saying the names of the victims out loud, we keep their memory alive.

Today, the whole world feels the sorrow of their loss. We feel a bond with all the families of the MH17 victims. Achieving justice for the dead remains our common goal.