Statement Netherlands, Belgium and Germany on slowing down the spread of COVID-19

The ministers of Home Affairs of Belgium, of Germany, and the Netherlands are working together intensively and continuously to slow down the spread of COVID-19, by keeping in close contact and regularly exchanging critical information, proposals and solutions.

Image: ©Openbaar Ministerie / Loes van der Meer

In their most recent discussions, the ministers have spoken about the ways forward, since the transition to the next phase of this crisis must be planned carefully. Bearing in mind the common interest of a controlled exit and recovery, especially in the areas with shared borders, the ministers are determined to come to well-coordinated plans to ensure a successful exit and recovery of both the individual and the combined Member States. The ministers recognise that the measures taken by Member States may vary in intensity or timing, but that they have a common direction and they aim for a successful exit and recovery for all. Ultimately, the success of individual Member States depends on the success of their neighbours. 

Ministers call on citizens to continue avoiding all non-essential travel. Going forward, the ministers will keep in close contact in order to continue their joint efforts towards a mutually successful exit and recovery from the current crisis.