Tourists from the Netherlands can now holiday in 16 European countries

Please note: this news item was published on 30 June. Read the current information about travelling to the Netherlands.

France’s borders now also open to tourists from the Netherlands

Tourists from the Netherlands can now holiday in 16 countries in the EU and/or Schengen area. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ travel advisory for these countries has been downgraded from orange to yellow. The countries in question are: Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal and Switzerland.

See the current list of countries where you can/cannot holiday (In Dutch).

The newest country to be added to the list, as of 15 June, is France. According to Statistics Netherlands (CBS), this is the country that attracts the most Dutch holidaymakers (more than one million each year).

Foreign minister Stef Blok will visit Schiphol Airport on Monday morning to meet with travellers and highlight the importance of preparing well for any trip abroad this summer. In addition, he will welcome France’s Minister of State in charge of European Affairs Amélie De Montchalin to Schiphol, on what will also be the day on which France’s borders will reopen. Later on Monday the two ministers will be in The Hague to discuss the upcoming summer period and the EU’s economic recovery in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

‘Going on holiday abroad is possible once again,’ said Mr Blok. ‘But it won’t be as carefree as before the pandemic; there remain risks. The virus is still among us and the situation is uncertain. In all countries, measures are still in force to prevent the further spread of coronavirus. Holidaymakers will have to follow the rules.’ If you are going on holiday, make sure you travel smart and prepare well. Start by downloading the BZ Travel App and carefully reading the travel advisory for your destination.

More European countries are expected to open their borders for tourists from the Netherlands in the coming weeks. Austria has already announced that it hopes to open its borders to European travellers (including Dutch holidaymakers) from 16 June. Travel advisories for the United Kingdom, Sweden and Denmark are expected to stay orange throughout the summer. This means that holiday travel to these countries is not recommended.

For travel outside Europe, orange advisories remain in place. It is expected that some of these advisories may be downgraded over the summer. Where possible, this will be done in consultation with other EU countries.

Even when holiday travel is possible, risks remain. If coronavirus infections in a country increase, strict measures may be reintroduced. The situation can change suddenly. Travellers are therefore advised to consult travel advisories in advance and prepare well for their trip.