Mandatory quarantine for travellers from more countries with Delta coronavirus variant

On the advice of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport has designated the United Kingdom, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Nepal as very high risk. This is due to the Delta variant of coronavirus – a variant of concern – which is circulating in these countries.

As of 00.01 on Tuesday 15 June 2021, travellers from these countries must therefore go into mandatory quarantine immediately on arrival in the Netherlands. During their journey, they must also be in possession of an accurate and fully completed quarantine declaration.

Travellers who do not comply with the mandatory quarantine requirement can be fined €339. Travellers who cannot present a quarantine declaration may be fined €95.

Additional requirements for travellers

In addition, people travelling to the Netherlands from these countries by air or sea must be able to present a negative NAAT (PCR) test result based on a sample collected no more than 72 hours before boarding abroad and a negative rapid test result based on a sample collected no more than 24 hours before boarding abroad.

The requirement to present a negative test result and the mandatory quarantine requirement also apply to people travelling to the Netherlands by international train or coach or in a private vehicle.


Lorry drivers and other people working in the transport industry are exempted from the mandatory quarantine requirement and the requirement to show a negative NAAT (PCR) test result and/or negative rapid test result.

Travelling is a risk

Travelling is still a risk, and will remain a risk. Consult (in Dutch) regularly for the latest developments and travel advice. Together, we’ll get corona under control.