Grapperhaus asks Dutch Safety Board to investigate security situations

The Dutch Safety Board (OVV) has been asked by Minister Grapperhaus of Justice and Security to investigate what lessons can be learned from the security situations of the brother, the then lawyer and the confidential advisor of the key witness in the Marengo trial. Grapperhaus took this step after having held several meetings with the family of Peter R. De Vries, other parties involved and experts.

The Lower House had already been informed that there would be a fact-finding investigation into the security situation as it pertained to Peter R. de Vries. Mr Joustra has been found willing to lead this investigation. In recent weeks, the scope of the investigation, as well as the composition of the committee of enquiry, has been the subject of debate. Grapperhaus has never had any doubts about the suitability and independence of Mr Joustra or his committee members. All things considered, Grapperhaus has decided to ask the OVV to conduct the investigation. Given the OVV’s independent status, the OVV itself will determine the research question.

‘The terrible murder of Peter R. de Vries has had an enormous impact in the Netherlands. In view of the great societal importance of the investigation into his security situation, I am very keen to ensure that there is broad support for the investigation. After many discussions in recent weeks with those involved and experts, I have decided to ask the OVV to carry out the investigation.’

said Grapperhaus.