Joint statement by Knoops’ Advocaten, on behalf of their client Mr Poch, and Minister of Justice and Security Grapperhaus

Minister of Justice and Security (Ferd) Grapperhaus, representing the State of the Netherlands, and Mr J.A. (Julio) Poch have reached an agreement on compensation on humanitarian grounds for past and future damages suffered by Mr Poch.

As Minister Grapperhaus explained during the debate in the House of Representatives on 14 September 2021 on the events surrounding the extradition of Mr Poch to Argentina, this compensation is being awarded on humanitarian grounds for part of the damage suffered by Mr Poch during his detention in Argentina and tangible costs incurred by him and does not constitute an acknowledgement of liability.

Knoops’ Advocaten, representing Mr Poch, and Minister Grapperhaus reached an agreement on the compensation today. The parties have arranged to keep the details of this agreement confidential.