Share your ideas on the Netherlands’ new foreign trade and development cooperation policy

Are you active in the area of foreign trade and development cooperation? The Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Liesje Schreinemacher, is currently developing new policy for the years ahead. All stakeholders are cordially invited to share their views and knowledge. In what ways, for instance, could Dutch development cooperation innovate more?

‘The way in which aid and trade can reinforce each other will be one of the integral themes of the policy document,’ Ms Schreinemacher says. The document will elaborate on her policy objectives, based on the priorities set out in the coalition agreement of the fourth Rutte government. She will also take account of current events, such as the war in Ukraine and necessary aid to be provided to refugees.

Engaging with different target groups

The aim is to present the new foreign trade and development cooperation policy document to parliament before the 2022 summer recess. The minister is currently inviting input from third parties. This is an important way of obtaining information relevant to the drafting of the policy document. To this end the minister is engaging with different target groups, stakeholders and experts, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Share your ideas before 15 April

Do you work for an NGO, a business that operates internationally, a think tank, university or government body, or do you simply have a keen interest in foreign trade and development cooperation? Take part in the online consultation. By answering a number of questions, you can provide your input on the new foreign trade and development cooperation policy document. The online consultation is open until 15 April 2022.