Change in funding scheme for costs of reception of Ukrainians

On behalf of the Ministry of Justice and Security, in recent months a review was conducted of the costs incurred by municipalities in connection with the reception of refugees from Ukraine. The purpose of this review was to determine what costs municipalities incur in connection with the reception of refugees from Ukraine by municipalities and private citizens, and how these costs could be adequately reimbursed to municipalities. The findings of the review are based on the input of 120 municipalities. Based on the findings of this review, new standard amounts have been set.

As this will provide a realistic level of funding for the relevant costs, in accordance with the findings of the review, the standard amount that municipalities receive for the municipal reception of refugees from Ukraine will from 15 October 2022 be adjusted to €83 per day for each refugee reception unit put in place. This is being done to bring the standard amount more in line with the costs actually incurred by municipalities in this respect. In addition, municipalities will in exceptional cases be able to claim for additional costs actually incurred.

To support the reception of refugees by private citizens, municipalities will receive €210 per month for each person who has claimed for relevant expenses under a municipal scheme, such as an allowance scheme. As there was no standard amount yet for the reception of refugees by private citizens, it will apply with retrospective effect from 1 March 2022. Costs covered by the standard amount will include, for example, the costs of registration in the municipal Key Register of Persons (BRP), the costs of third-party insurance, and extraordinary expenses incurred in a private reception facility, such as certain travel expenses.

Furthermore, the funding scheme will be extended so that municipalities will be able to continue to claim reimbursement from the central government after 31 December 2022.