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Legislative proposal: more extensive screening of police officers

A different approach to the screening of police officers should help to better ensure the integrity of the police force. The core ...

News item | 20-12-2017 | 15:27

New legislation as of 1 January 2018

Below is an overview of the most important legislation related to Justice and Security that will be coming into force on 1 ...

News item | 20-12-2017 | 11:48

European Commission gives green light for dairy cattle phosphate system

The European Commission has agreed to the introduction of phosphate rights in Dutch dairy farming. This system and the ...

News item | 19-12-2017 | 16:38

Statement on starting a formal investigation procedure into Inter IKEA

Today, the Commission has opened a formal investigation into possible State Aid involving Inter IKEA Systems BV.

News item | 18-12-2017 | 14:17

Zijlstra and Guterres discuss Netherlands’ membership of Security Council

Netherlands' membership of Security Council

News item | 16-12-2017 | 00:00

Government wants €75 million for young farmers

The Dutch government is to earmark €75 million for young farmers who are establishing their own companies. Less than 4% of all ...

News item | 14-12-2017 | 10:18

The Netherlands pledges €5 million in support of regional military force in the Sahel

Macron, Zijlstra, Sahel, G5, terrorism

News item | 13-12-2017 | 15:00

The Netherlands to receive European grant for infrastructure

The Netherlands will receive an 82.8 million euro grant from Brussels to support infrastructure projects. A sum of 32 million ...

News item | 13-12-2017 | 14:49

Data protection implementation act submitted to House of Representatives

The legislative proposal of Minister for Legal Protection Sander Dekker to implement the General Data Protection Regulation ...

News item | 13-12-2017 | 14:03

Trade minister Kaag to attend world trade summit in Buenos Aires

From yesterday to Thursday, foreign trade and development minister Sigrid Kaag represents the Netherlands at the biennial ...

News item | 12-12-2017 | 13:12