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  1. More international cooperation on North Sea arrangements

    Today, countries around the North Sea have agreed to use and protect this sea more efficiently. Until now, countries mainly ...

    News item | 21-11-2023 | 15:00

  2. North Seas conference in The Hague: from national goals to concrete joint action for offshore wind energy

    Today, the North Seas countries make a leap forward in the Hague to progress the offshore wind energy agenda. A shared Action ...

    News item | 20-11-2023 | 13:31

  3. Government sets aside over €2 billion in aid for Ukraine

    The Netherlands’ support for Ukraine is steadfast. For 2024 the government has set aside over €2 billion in aid. This sum is ...

    News item | 17-11-2023 | 15:00

  4. Greater transparency and legal protection in rapid dissolution of businesses

    With expedited liquidation, entrepreneurs can quickly and easily close down their business if the business no longer contains ...

    News item | 15-11-2023 | 09:00

  5. Pressure on asylum reception continues

    Pressure on asylum reception has been very high for some time, and the outlook shows that this pressure will only increase. This ...

    News item | 10-11-2023 | 14:49

  6. Position of sex workers to be improved.

    Sex workers are too often not treated like other workers due to prejudice about their work. That is why the social and legal ...

    News item | 10-11-2023 | 14:49

  7. Council of Ministers approves higher maximum sentencing for participation in a terrorist organisation

    Acting on a proposal by Justice and Security Minister Yeşilgöz-Zegerius, the Council of Ministers agreed to submit a bill to the ...

    News item | 10-11-2023 | 14:48

  8. Substance and inspiration at the Shaping Feminist Foreign Policy Conference

    Knowledge and inspiration, new connections, practical guidance and renewed energy for creating robust feminist foreign policy: ...

    News item | 09-11-2023 | 12:29

  9. Minister Weerwind allocates 26 million euros in compensation of legal aid providers for high inflation

    Minister Franc Weerwind for Legal Protection is compensating legal aid providers such as lawyers and mediators for cost increases ...

    News item | 08-11-2023 | 16:30

  10. Seven countries jointly conduct large-scale electricity crisis exercise

    On 24 – 26 October, representatives from Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland took part ...

    News item | 30-10-2023 | 12:15