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Data from intelligent, connected vehicles contribute to safer road traffic

Anonymised vehicle data are going to help road managers by providing constant insights on road conditions. This will give road ...

News item | 29-03-2022 | 08:00

Share your ideas on the Netherlands’ new foreign trade and development cooperation policy

Are you active in the area of foreign trade and development cooperation? The Minister for Foreign Trade and Development ...

News item | 22-03-2022 | 15:33

What does an honorary consul do?

Honorary consuls aren’t professional diplomats, but they play an essential part in the Netherlands’ international network. They ...

News item | 22-03-2022 | 09:36

Flooding in South Sudan: ‘Simply building dikes is not the solution’

South Sudan is facing the aftermath of its worst floods since 1960. Over 835,000 people have been affected. Working with many ...

News item | 22-03-2022 | 09:04

Package of measures to cushion the impact of rising energy prices and inflation

The government is introducing measures to cushion the impact of rising energy prices and persistent inflation on low- and ...

News item | 21-03-2022 | 19:38

What does NATO do? Foreign Affairs in plain language

The war in Ukraine ended a long period of peace in Europe. NATO is more important than ever. But what is NATO’s role in the ...

News item | 21-03-2022 | 13:14

Government offers better prospects to Ukrainian refugees

In response to the horrific events in Ukraine, the Dutch government is preparing to receive large numbers of people who have been ...

News item | 17-03-2022 | 13:32

Further easing of coronavirus measures

In recent weeks, coronavirus infection rates have once again increased. However, the current variant is making people less ill ...

News item | 15-03-2022 | 15:26

Additional investments in fight against international drug trafficking

The security of our logistics hubs and ‘mainports’ is being strengthened in the fight against international drug trafficking. ...

News item | 15-03-2022 | 10:10

Honorary consul in Bremen, Germany: Hylke Boerstra

Hylke Boerstra moved to Germany in 1959, at the age of 4. For over 20 years now, he has been the honorary consul in Bremen. Hylke ...

News item | 15-03-2022 | 09:55