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5 questions about the Netherlands’ involvement in Afghanistan

At the end of June 2021, the last Dutch military personnel left Afghanistan. A historic moment, marking the end of almost 20 ...

News item | 01-07-2021 | 11:47

More opportunities for NCSC and DTC to share threat and incident information

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and Digital Trust Center (DTC) are working together to help make the Netherlands ...

News item | 29-06-2021 | 14:24

NCTV: Cyber Attacks Impair Society’s Central Nervous System

The digital and physical worlds are no longer distinguishable from each other and digital processes have become society’s central ...

News item | 28-06-2021 | 13:06

Police collective labour agreement signed

This year, police officers will receive a salary increase of 1.3% and a one-off payment of €750. In addition, agreements have ...

News item | 28-06-2021 | 10:50

More looted art to be returned to rightful owners

The Dutch government aims to return as much as possible of the art looted by the Nazis during the Second World War to its ...

News item | 25-06-2021 | 17:43

Maximum sentence for manslaughter will be increased

The maximum prison sentence for manslaughter will be increased from 15 to 25 years. This will bring the maximum sentence for ...

News item | 24-06-2021 | 10:45

New Code of Criminal Procedure will be tested in practice

The bill for the new Dutch Code of Criminal Procedure was recently sent to the Council of State for its advice. The current Code ...

News item | 24-06-2021 | 10:16

Direct ban on anti-democratic organisations possible

The Dutch democratic rule of law cannot be taken for granted. This is why the Dutch government is constantly working to ...

News item | 22-06-2021 | 09:56

Approach to tackling subversive crime strengthened in treaties with UAE

With two bilateral treaties, the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are joining forces to tackle organised subversive ...

News item | 21-06-2021 | 09:39

Netherlands to take big step in relaxing measures: almost everything allowed with 1.5-metre distancing

The vaccination drive in the Netherlands has picked up speed. Well over 13 million vaccine doses have been administered. Almost 5 ...

News item | 18-06-2021 | 19:15