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  1. State lodges appeal in cassation against judgment on distribution of F-35 parts to Israel

    The State is lodging an appeal in cassation to the Dutch Supreme Court against the judgment of The Hague Court of Appeal on the ...

    News item | 12-02-2024 | 14:30

  2. Rules for collection services as of 1 April

    From 1 April 2024, collection service providers will have to meet quality requirements and will be required to register. With ...

    News item | 09-02-2024 | 14:30

  3. Declaration by the Ministry of Justice and Security about emergency meeting with the police and Public Prosecution Service concerning the protests by farmers

    This morning, the Minister of Justice and Security, the police and the Public Prosecution Service (OM) held an emergency meeting ...

    News item | 07-02-2024 | 18:27

  4. Ukraine: €50 billion in extra support from the European Union

    On 1 February 2024, EU member states reached agreement on an additional €50 billion in support for Ukraine. Find out what the ...

    News item | 06-02-2024 | 12:50

  5. The start of the ‘Double secured is double safe’ campaign is intended to encourage Dutch citizens to set up two-factor verification for e-mail and other accounts

    The Government campaign entitled ‘Double secured is double safe’ starts today. This campaign is an initiative of the Ministry of ...

    News item | 06-02-2024 | 09:00

  6. Large multinationals are obliged to disclose tax on profits

    From now on, large multinationals will be obliged to disclose annually how much tax on profits they pay worldwide. It concerns ...

    News item | 02-02-2024 | 14:00

  7. The Dispersal Act enters into effect on 1 February

    The Asylum Reception Facilities in Municipalities (Enablement) Act (Dispersal Act) has been published in the Government Gazette. ...

    News item | 31-01-2024 | 09:30

  8. Papiamento on Bonaire now officially recognised under the European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages

    Papiamento is officially recognised by the central government. To this end, expertise and input was provided from the Public ...

    News item | 29-01-2024 | 16:59

  9. The Netherlands halts UNRWA funding

    The Netherlands has halted any future funding of UNRWA, the UN aid organisation for Palestine refugees. Foreign trade and ...

    News item | 28-01-2024 | 10:45

  10. Accommodation third-country nationals ends after 4 March 2024

    Third-country nationals from Ukraine are obliged to leave the Netherlands within 28 days after 4 March. This is a consequence of ...

    News item | 24-01-2024 | 20:30