Two years of war in Ukraine


Following the Russian military occupation of Crimea and parts of eastern Ukraine in 2014, the full scale Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24th of 2022. This invasion marked the start of war on the European continent. The Netherlands has supported Ukraine since the beginning of the war, and will continue to do so. This page will be updated with stories from Ukraine that demonstrate why unconditional support remains crucial.

Enlarge image De vlag van Oekraïne.
De Oekraïense vlag.

Ukrainians fight for their lives and their freedom. They also fight for the freedom and safety of Europe. For this reason, the Netherlands will provide Ukraine with military, humanitary, diplomatic and financial for as long as it takes.

The Netherlands financially supports several organizations in Ukraine that work on important issues, such as the prosecution of war crimes, or the local economy. The Dutch embassy in Kyiv works hard to coordinate this support, which helps Ukraine to continue its fight against Russia.

Justice for Ukraine

After two years of war, over 100.000 war crimes have been registered in Ukraine. These crimes range from the destruction of residential buildings and hospitals to the murder of innocent civilians and the abduction of children. The Netherlands has made the prosecution of these war crimes a priority.


Many cities, buildings, and roads have been destroyed by war. Critical infrastructure, such as water, electricity, and gas supplies have been heavily hit. The Netherlands supports Ukraine in recovering its most crucial infrastructure.

Female entrepreneurs hold key to economic recovery

Ukrainians everywhere are working hard to turn the economy around during times of was. But it is women who are holding the key to economic recovery. On International Women’s Day, Maryna Saprykina tells us how her organisation CSR Ukraine helps women develop their entrepreneurial skills.

With husbands off fighting, women are often the ones providing for their family. So it’s important for us to give women the tools they need to secure a good living for their family. But as entrepreneurs they also help their community. They pay taxes and create jobs. And that’s really important in helping us persevere during this terrible war.’

Read the full story here.

Economic support

To keep up its heavy battle with Russia, Ukraine needs to prevent economic collapse. Companies play an important role in pushing the economy forward. Several Dutch companies are active in Ukraine, and local businesses can count on support from the Netherlands as well.

Diplomatic efforts

Diplomatic efforts by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs are crucial, particularly during the war. Our diplomats at the Netherlands embassy in Kyiv work around the clock to ensure all support for Ukraine is coordinated properly.

Enlarge image De Nederlandse ambassade in Kyiv.
The Dutch embassy in Kyiv.

At the Dutch embassy in Kyiv, our diplomats work around the clock to coordinate all support for Ukraine. In close cooperation with Ukraine and other countries, all efforts go towards Ukraine keeping up its heavy fight against Russia.

Dutch diplomats describe what it is like to work in a country at war, and how their work contributes to supporting Ukraine.

The war isn’t confined to the front lines – Russia is also waging a cultural war. It's deliberately attacking cultural targets in an attempt to erase Ukraine’s culture and identity. At the embassy we look at how we can support Ukraine in terms of culture, and we facilitate cooperation between the Dutch and Ukrainian cultural sectors.

Read the full story here.

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