The Climate-Biodiversity Nexus - Quantified in four investment cases

This short paper is focuses on quantifying the relationship between climate change and biodiversity loss in investments of four different financial institutions and is based on a earlier report on the application of the BFFI-method in four investments cases Biodiversity Footprint for Financial Institutions: Exploring Biodiversity Assessment in 4 cases | Report | In this paper it is shown that by applying the BFFI method for biodiversity footprinting, quantitative insights can be gained on the climate-biodiversity nexus. In two cases the quantitative contribution of climate change to biodiversity loss is measured. In one of these cases it is shown that 40% of the impact on biodiversity of the largest multi-nationals in the world is caused by climate change. In the third case trade-offs between climate and biodiversity are quantified. The last case shows an investment that both serves climate change and is biodiversity-positive. In this last case synergies for climate change and biodiversity are measured, which can be helpful for the development of Nature Based Solutions (NbS).