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Organisation chart Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality

Organisation chart of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.

Publication | 13-01-2022

Curriculum Vitae of Henk Staghouwer (French)

Publication | 10-01-2022

Biodiversity impact and ecosystem service dependencies

Ecosystem services are vital for all kinds of economic activities from medicine to energy sector and biodiversity underpins all ...

Report | 02-11-2021

Biodiversity Footprint for Financial Institutions: Exploring Biodiversity Assessment in 4 cases

Economy has a direct impact on nature: Economic activities require use of land and water and in most cases they cause degradation ...

Report | 29-07-2021

Mapping Dutch Financial Flows to Biodiversity

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) conducted a research on biodiversity expenditures by Dutch financial institutions. This ...

Report | 30-06-2021

Suppliers guide Information Security and Privacy LNV

Suppliers guide offering information about: what we expect from you as a supplier and  the approach to information security ...

Publication | 10-03-2021

Aftermovie ASAP 2020

Video | 04-02-2021

Advancing sustainable animal products in Northwest Europe

This document shows the plans that resulted from a series of workshops that took place in 2020. Lots of different stakeholders ...

Publication | 02-12-2020

Summary thematic workshops ASAP conference

In October of 2020, the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature, and Food Quality hosted a series of thematic workshops on various ...

Report | 30-10-2020

Advancing sustainable animal products congres

Video | 15-10-2020