Financing the transition towards sustainable animal products

In the process of improving the sustainability of animal products, farmers often have to make investments. However, farmers generally do not have the financial means to do so. To facilitate the transition to sustainable animal products, there is a need to share knowledge about which financial arrangements best support the value chain. Therefore, thematic meetings will be organized.

Goals of the thematic meetings

The goals of these meetings are to:

  • Share knowledge and experience about how money flows can best support the transition to sustainable animal products, while paying attention to the complexity of the value chain;
  • Create an overview of different sources of financing for (the transition to) sustainable production, in order to look for overlap and differences between different instruments;
  • Consider what perspectives true pricing offers;
  • Look for alignment with EU initiatives.

Next meeting and participation

The first thematic meeting will take place mid-September 2021. For questions, participation or more information please contact Pieter de Boer (