ASAP workshops 2020 and conference 2020, 2021

A short overview of the workshops and ASAP Conference 2020.

Workshops 2020

A series of workshops was held and the participants were asked the following questions: how can we get consumers to buy sustainable animal products? And how can farmers be rewarded for their efforts to improve sustainability and animal welfare? The discussions formed the basis for the ASAP conference and the 3 subprojects:

Read the summary country-based workshops ASAP conference and the summary thematic workshops ASAP conference.

Conference 2020

On Wednesday 2 December 2020, the digital ASAP conference was broadcasted from the Fokker Terminal in The Hague. The goal of the conference was to lay the foundation for increased cooperation between EU member states, market actors, and NGOs from Northwest Europe in order to develop the market for sustainable animal products. At the end of the conference, the process proposals were formally presented to Dutch Minister of LNV Carola Schouten.
Read the process proposals on Advancing sustainable animal products in Northwest Europe.
The conference was attended by over 100 participants. Governments and organisations involved in the chain of production from many different Northwest European countries were represented. Watch the ASAP conference 2020 on Youtube.

Conference 2021

In November 2021, the next ASAP conference will take place in Brussels. The preliminary results of the working groups will be presented. Also, workshops will be held to further discuss sustainability labelling and the next steps for the ASAP project.

Information and contact

Do you have any questions, want to get involved with the ASAP project or share your ideas? Please contact Céline Bouwens (