Reinstatement of Dutch veal exports to US offers major opportunities

Dutch exporters of beef and veal have again been granted access to the US market following talks in Washington between Minister for Agriculture Sharon Dijksma and her US counterpart Minister Vilsack in Washington. The United States will reopen its borders to Dutch exports 90 days after the publication of this decision, at the beginning of 2014. Canada will also follow suite. These markets were closed to the Netherlands for years due to outbreaks of BSE in Europe.

Back up and running

'The Netherlands is renowned for its quality beef and veal,' Minister Dijksma said. 'The demand for these products is enormous, so it’s only right that we, as a global leader in agricultural exports, can once again start supplying meat to the US and Canada. These markets are worth millions of euros in agricultural exports to Dutch businesses.'

100 million euros

By lifting the export ban, the US has brought market access for beef and veal into line with the multilateral agreements of the World Trade Organisation. The Netherlands will also gain access to the Canadian market, which has accepted the new US risk assessment. It is estimated that exports of beef and veal to these markets can generate 100 million euros annually for Dutch businesses.

Green light sends out important signal

Following the European BSE outbreaks, the US closed its borders to Dutch meat exports at the end of the 1990s, even though international organisations established that meat exports from the Netherlands fell into the lowest risk category. The Netherlands and the European Union have addressed this issue many times in recent years. Since 2006 requests have been made to the US to grant market access to imports of Dutch veal. The fact that the green light has been given sends out an important signal to other countries whose markets have to date remained closed.