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More agricultural products sold throughout the world; exports increase to more than 82 billion euros

In 2015, the Netherlands again exceeded the previous year’s exports of agricultural products. Total exports in 2015 amounted to ...

News item | 15-01-2016 | 09:00

Agreement on 2016 fishing quota produces good result for the Netherlands

In Brussels, the EU Member States and the European Commission have reached an agreement regarding the fishing quota for 2016. The ...

News item | 16-12-2015 | 12:15

Dijksma to pursue international ban on trophy hunting

Minister for Agriculture Sharon Dijksma has written a letter to Parliament announcing her intention to investigate means for ...

News item | 27-10-2015 | 14:07

International conference: more cooperation to reduce food waste

A group of organisations in the public and private sectors are coming together to fight food waste. New forms of financing ...

News item | 19-06-2015 | 18:25

International conference on food waste and food losses in The Hague

It is a sobering fact that one-third of the food we produce is never eaten. Now, governmental organisations, academics, and ...

News item | 15-06-2015 | 16:51

No More Food to Waste-conference brings together stakeholders food system

The Netherlands, together with the FAO, is proud to announce the international conference 'No More Food To Waste - Global action ...

News item | 10-06-2015 | 13:26

Dutch organic exports close to one billion euros

The latest figures from the Bionext organic association show that export sales of Dutch organic products have again risen ...

News item | 11-02-2015 | 07:00

Dutch agricultural exports top 80 billion Euros

Agricultural exports from the Netherlands topped 80 billion Euros last year (80.7 billion), up from 2013's record levels of 79 ...

News item | 16-01-2015 | 09:30

Climate summit: Netherlands launches global alliance for greater food security

The Netherlands used the UN Climate Summit in New York on 23 September 2014 to launch a global alliance for greater food security ...

News item | 24-09-2014 | 15:47

Netherlands organizes global ministerial conference on antimicrobial resistance

The Government of the Netherlands, in response to a request by the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO), is hosting a ...

News item | 20-06-2014 | 15:16