Statement on a joint coalition on F-16 training of the Ukrainian Air Force

The Ministers of Defence of Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden and the United Kingdom share the conviction that continued support to Ukraine is of utmost importance in the light of Russia’s brutal and unprovoked aggression.

The parties agree that in order to assist Ukraine in the defence of its airspace, they will establish a joint coalition on training of the Ukrainian Air Force in operating and maintaining F-16 fighter aircraft, in accordance with the necessary authorizations and with the possibility to include other types of fighter aircraft at a later stage.

The parties agree to commence training of relevant Ukrainian pilots, technicians and support staff, which will provide the Ukrainian Air Force with basic capabilities of operating, servicing and maintaining F-16 fighter aircraft. This includes making relevant equipment, trainers and other staff available for such training. All training activities will be conducted outside of Ukraine.

The coalition’s focus will be on training, but will also in due course be ready to consider other lines of effort related to ensuring Ukraine a fully functional F-16 capability.