Future policy

The Netherlands Defence organisation contributes to the security - and thereby also to the prosperity and welfare - of all Dutch citizens. The serving men and women of our Armed Forces carry out that task both at home and abroad, even at the risk of their own life and limb.

A modern and capable military must be able to protect our society against known and unknown security risks. The Armed Forces of the Netherlands embody – to the world and to ourselves – who we are and what interests and values we stand for as a society.

A professional military, one that is structured and equipped to carry out its tasks, is best suited for a prosperous and developed country such as the Netherlands, which has major economic interests, is strongly dependent on events beyond our borders and has obligations in NATO and the EU.

The Future Policy Survey Project

What form will those Armed Forces need to take in the years ahead? What eventualities must we be prepared to contend with? What are our options? In order to develop an adequate conceptual foundation for decisions that will be necessary with respect to the future of the Armed Forces, the government of the Netherlands initiated the Future Policy Survey.

This Survey makes a substantial and scientifically sound contribution to political and public perceptions about the future of our Armed Forces. The Future Policy Survey is an expression of the political will to do justice, now and in the future, to the requirement that the Armed Forces serve as a crucial safeguard against threats to our nation and our society.

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