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  1. The Hague to be host city of the 2025 NATO Summit

    Today, Minister of Foreign Affairs Hanke Bruins Slot and the Mayor of The Hague, Jan van Zanen, announced that the 2025 NATO ...

    News item | 24-05-2024 | 15:00

  2. NATO Innovation Fund to Establish its Headquarters in the Netherlands

    The headquarters of the NATO Innovation Fund (NIF) will be located in the Netherlands, the NIF has announced today. The NIF is ...

    News item | 20-03-2023 | 19:30

  3. Call to action on responsible use of AI in the military domain

    Government representatives meeting at the REAIM summit have agreed a joint call to action on the responsible development, ...

    News item | 16-02-2023 | 16:38

  4. Netherlands earmarks €2.5 billion for support to Ukraine in 2023

    In 2023 the Netherlands will make €2.5 billion available to support Ukraine. The government expects that this amount will be ...

    News item | 23-12-2022 | 10:45

  5. Extra Dutch support for Ukrainian war effort and reconstruction

    The Netherlands will provide additional support to Ukraine for the country’s war effort and reconstruction. The support package ...

    News item | 22-08-2022 | 19:30

  6. The Netherlands intends to supply military goods to Ukraine

    The Netherlands intends to supply military goods to Ukraine. This was decided by the cabinet today, in response to Ukraine’s ...

    News item | 18-02-2022 | 16:52

  7. Government to deploy C-130 transport aircraft in Mali

    Today the government issued a final decision on the deployment of a C-130 Hercules transport aircraft (including crew and support ...

    News item | 15-10-2021 | 15:20

  8. New Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defence sworn in

    On 24 September 2021 Ben Knapen (CDA) was sworn in as the new Minister of Foreign Affairs and Henk Kamp (VVD) as Minister of ...

    News item | 24-09-2021 | 12:00

  9. Bijleveld: Defence preparing to help in the fight against corona

    The Netherlands Ministry of Defence is preparing to help the population of the Netherlands in the fight against the corona virus. ...

    News item | 17-03-2020 | 16:18

  10. Patriots travel in convoy to Eemshaven

    Escorted by the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, 2 Dutch Patriot units left for the port of Eemshaven near Delfzijl today, to be ...

    News item | 07-01-2013 | 09:46