Navy ready for hurricane season

From tomorrow, the Royal Netherlands Navy will be officially on standby again to provide emergency assistance in the event of hurricanes. The Atlantic hurricane season begins on 1 June and experts are predicting a particularly active season.

Support to authorities

Providing support to the authorities in the event of a hurricane or other emergency situations is one of the main tasks of the Navy in the Caribbean. If a hurricane is predicted, marines help with the final emergency preparations. From boarding up windows and filling containers with water, to moving emergency supplies into shelters. The marines then guard these hurricane-proof shelters during the hurricane.

Emergency aid

Immediately after the hurricane, the emergency aid detachment will begin assessing the situation. Where possible, medical assistance is provided and rubble is cleared. The marines can be deployed to protect public order and safety. If necessary, the emergency aid detachment will be augmented by the support ship HNLMS Pelikaan and the guard ship, which is currently the patrol vessel HNLMS Holland.