Defence News Summary

On 10 March, the first group of Peshmerga were awarded their infantry diplomas in Iraq. A summary of Defence news in the week 9-15 March.

Peshmerga fighters ready for the fight against ISIS

During the course of last month, more than 100 Kurdish fighters were trained by Dutch instructors. They are currently set to return to the front line to fight the ISIS terrorist organisation on the ground.

Indonesian and Dutch navies expand cooperation

The Indonesian and Dutch navies are ready to intensify their mutual cooperation. Admiral Ade Supandi of the Indonesian Navy and Lieutenant General Rob Verkerk (Marines), the Commander of the Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN), signed an agreement to that end on board HNLMS Karel Doorman, the RNLN’s Joint Support Ship, on 10 March. The agreement stipulates that the 2 navies will share knowledge and expertise as well as undertake cooperation in the areas of training and instruction, exercises and logistics.

Sharpshooters course starts in Baghdad

The 6-week sharpshooter course for Iraqi military personnel commenced in Baghdad on 10 March. Dutch instructors, along with instructors from coalition nations, are providing the lessons. This is the first time that members of Dutch Special Forces are being employed as instructors. After the course, Iraqi sniper teams will be immediately deployed to take part in the battle against ISIS. Dutch instructors will be giving other training courses, such as commando training and medical specialist training, in the near future.

Netherlands and the US at the forefront of space missile defence

Later this year, the Netherlands and the United States will carry out a test aimed at destroying a ballistic missile outside the Earth’s atmosphere. The United States will make a very costly SM-3 missile available for the test. The test, which will involve the missile being fired on the basis of Dutch radar information, will be the first of its kind to be held near the European continent. The announcement was made during the international Maritime Theatre Missile Defence Forum in Paris.