Defence News Summary 6-12 April

Dutch military personnel from NATO’s spearhead force ably demonstrated that they can be ready for departure to conflict areas within 48 hours. A summary of Defence news in the week of 6-12 April.

Response test goes smoothly

On 8 and 9 April, the Dutch component of the interim Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) was engaged in feverish activity, as 200 military personnel of 11 Airmobile Brigade trained at getting themselves and their full kit and equipment ready for military transport via aircraft to conflict areas within a response time of 48 hours. The test was in preparation of Exercise Noble Jump, to be held in Poland in June.

Netherlands contributes to new court

On 9 April, a Dutch diplomatic and military delegation attended the opening of a new annexe to the Supreme Court on the Seychelles. This Supreme Court Annexe is to act as the specialist court for the prosecution of pirates for the whole surrounding region. The Netherlands made a financial contribution to this new step in the enforcement of the international rule of law. It complements the Dutch military efforts in the area, which have been ongoing for a number of years.