Medical support for Iraqi armed forces and Kurdish Peshmerga

Defeating ISIS will take time. International coalition efforts have already dealt blows to the group, but it is yet to be defeated. Alongside the deployment of F-16s and training personnel, the Netherlands will now send medical supplies to the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF). The Kurdisch Peshmerga forces will also be given equipment to detect roadside bombs and cordon off the affected areas. Bombs of this kind continue to claim large numbers of casualties.

Today foreign minister Bert Koenders and defence minister Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert informed parliament by letter that €1.2 million would be set aside to help those fighting ISIS in Iraq. ‘We’re already supporting Iraq through the anti-ISIS coalition, but aiding the wounded is also an important part of the struggle that affects us all,’ said Mr Koenders.

A key part of the Dutch support package is improving medical facilities for the ISF. This includes renovating training locations for military personnel and supplying medical kits for use in the field. Simple communications equipment will be supplied to facilitate battlefield communications.

Forces will receive instruction on how to use the equipment through the coalition’s training programme. ‘The Dutch armed forces and coalition partners will provide training in Baghdad and various locations in northern Iraq. The ISF and Peshmerga will then be able to deploy the equipment in the fight against ISIS,’ said Ms Hennis.