A look at the Defence news 8-14 August

What do you do after a flood? How do you paint a fictitious yet realistic picture of an event for an exercise scenario? These are just two examples of how Royal Netherlands Army units lent their support to the international exercise Southern Accord 2016, in Malawi.

US Army Africa, an American army unit, uses the Accord exercises to prepare African military personnel for operations on their own continent. Dutch army personnel also contributed to this. This time, the focus was on disaster management in Malawi, a country that suffers from frequent flooding. Attention was also paid to the contribution to the UN peace operation MONUSCO in Congo.

Dutch land forces showed their African counterparts how Defence carries out search and rescue operations on water, and how units are deployed in disasters such as the earthquake in Nepal last year. During an exercise based on a multinational brigade headquarter, they also contributed to the military planning process and in fields such as medicine, engineering, logistics, intelligence and communication.

Army support for Marechaussee at Schiphol

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee is carrying out additional checks on access roads surrounding Schiphol Airport. Since 12 August, personnel from the RNLA's Airmobile Brigade have been assisting them in this task. This should minimise the negative effect these additional security measures have on other Marechaussee tasks.

The use of other defence units at Schiphol will continue until the additional security measures are no longer required, or until the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee's own High Risk Security Squadron is at full capacity. Once this is the case, the Marechaussee will carry out the additional task itself.