Invitations to Ministers

Every year Ministers receive hundreds of invitations. They may be asked to open a building, to speak at a conference or to accept the presentation of a book.
The Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy value these invitations greatly. They find it very useful to talk to people around the country and see how policy can be improved and renewed.

Invite the right person

An invitation to an event which falls outside the portfolio of the Minister is unlikely to succeed. Check their portfolios before making a request.

Give supporting arguments to your request

Give clear supporting arguments. Why is this the right time for a meeting or visit? Why do you want to invite this Minister or State Secretary? What have you recently achieved or started that is interesting for him to see? If you have any background material, such as a folder, send that too.
Well in advance of the event
Try to send your invitation at least three months before the event. It takes about three weeks to coordinate a visit with the policy department, communications department and the Ministers. A last-minute invitation is almost impossible to fit in.

Contact details

Give details of a contact person from your organisation in your request (telephone no. and email address). That is, the person who knows about the content of the request. It is often necessary to make contact to discuss the programme.

Conditional Acceptance

An acceptance is always conditional. The most important reason for this is that the Minister or State Secretary sometimes has to cancel at the last minute because they are called to Parliament for discussions. Public representation always takes priority. Invitations on Tuesday afternoons between 1400 and 1500 hours have little chance of success. That is parliamentary question time when all Ministers are expected to be present.
Friday is also a difficult day as the Minister is then in Cabinet meeting which usually lasts all day. The State Secretary may also have to attend, depending on the agenda.


Please send your request by post to:
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy
Bureau speeches en uitnodigingen
PO Box 20410
2500 EK The Hague
The Netherlands