Ministerial Conference on the International Energy Charter

On 20 and 21 May 2015 the Netherlands will host the Ministerial Conference on the International Energy Charter. At this conference, countries from around the world will sign the International Energy Charter. The aim of the Charter is to boost international energy cooperation.

The signing of the International Energy Charter

At the conference, energy ministers, ministers of foreign affairs and ministers for trade from around the world will adopt and sign the International Energy Charter.

Download the International Energy Charter (final concept).

Energy Charter Conference theme: investing in energy

The main theme of the conference is the enormous investment needed in the global energy sector for it to be able to meet the world’s demand for energy now and in the future. The International Energy Agency (IEA) has estimated this amount at USD 48 trillion for the period up to 2035.

Half of that amount would go towards replacing outdated energy networks and installations, and exploiting new oil and gas fields to replace exhausted production areas. A third of the investment is needed to create a greener, more diverse energy supply. The remainder must be invested in energy efficiency. Only greater energy efficiency can make the world’s ever-growing demand for energy level off. According to the SE4ALL Finance Committee we face the global challenge of investing at least USD 600 billion a year until 2030 to meet rising global energy demand in a sustainable way.

To meet these ambitions, the conference will focus on the following 4 topics:

  • Access to energy for all

    What investments are needed to achieve the United Nations’ goal of providing energy to an additional 1.3 billion people? What are the obstacles? How can investments be accelerated?
  • Greening the energy supply

    How attractive is investing in sustainable energy? What type of investment is needed to meet climate goals? How could investments be stepped up? What roles should international authorities and companies play?
  • Promoting and protecting investments

    How can the Energy Charter help attract foreign investment? What role can the Charter play in investments abroad? What is its significance for energy-producing countries, transit countries and net energy-consuming countries?
  • Energy innovation

    Can innovation bring about the investment required? Can it speed up the greening of our energy supply? Can it improve access to energy? What is the role of intellectual property rights?

For each of these issues, the key question is: what is the added value of cooperation through the Energy Charter?

High-level Business Event

Besides the ministerial conference, the Netherlands will also hold a high-level business event for international energy executives. ‘Investing in energy’ will also be the main theme of this High-level Business Event.

Energy Charter Conference Programme

  • Wednesday 20 May 2015 and Thursday morning 21 May 2015

    Ministerial conference. Opening attended by Minister of Economic Affairs Henk Kamp and Minister of Foreign Affairs Bert Koenders. Signing of the new International Energy Charter.
  • Thursday afternoon 21 May 2015

    High-level Business Event with CEO's from the international energy industry.

Ministerial Conference location

Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus, The Hague

Ministerial Conference registration

Participation in the conference is by invitation only. Journalists can apply for accreditation via the spokespersons of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.


The event is being organised by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If you have any questions, please email

Journalists should contact the spokespersons of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.