‘All eurozone countries must adhere to the agreements’

All countries in the eurozone must adhere to the agreements on restoring public finances and economic reform. This was the conclusion of Minister Verhagen of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation and his German counterpart Minister Rösler following their discussions in The Hague.

Strengthening growth potential

Minister Rösler is on a tour of various EU countries to discuss strengthening capacity for growth. This is vital for an open economy like the Netherlands, which is largely dependent on exports to EU countries.

Both ministers emphasized that eurozone countries have a commitment to restore public finances in a timely manner and to carry out structural economic reform. 'We can only continue to provide support to countries like Greece if all agreements are met,' said Minister Verhagen.

German-Dutch cooperation

Germany and the Netherlands are working together to strengthen the EU single market. The contraction of the Eurozone market in the second quarter shows just how vital this now is. The Ministers discussed which economic obstacles have to be overcome in the near future. This autumn a leading group of EU countries, including Germany, will meet in The Hague to address the issue.

Energy market

Ministers Verhagen and Rösler also discussed the Northwest European energy market. The German government has planned several new wind farms in the North Sea and has commissioned the company Tennet Duitsland to connect these wind farms to the grid. Tennet is owned by the Dutch Government.

Both ministers were positive about the idea of involving private investors in these projects. Minister Verhagen stressed the need to first ensure that regulations and planning of offshore projects are made clear.