Bavaria presents opportunities for Dutch business

Dutch entrepreneurs can better capitalize on the economic growth in southern Germany, according to the main conclusion of a report on Germany (in Dutch only) published by the Dutch bank ING on Tuesday, 9 October 2012.

Seizing opportunities in Southern Germany

In an effort to take advantage of the many opportunities in Bavaria, Minister Verhagen of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation is leading a trade mission to Bavaria Tuesday 9 October and Wednesday 10 October 2012. "Entrepreneurs tend to look to the bordering state of North Rhine-Westphalia, but Bavaria is equally or more interesting economically," the minister explains. "By actively bringing together Dutch entrepreneurs and their Bavarian counterparts, I endeavour to support them in seizing the many opportunities southern Germany has to offer."

High growth, low unemployment

Southern Germany represents 40% of the German national economy. Growth is higher than the national average, and unemployment lower, and yet only 25% of Dutch exports to Germany are destined for the South.

Access to Asian growth markets

The ING study concludes that the German manufacturing industry has good access to growth markets in Asia. By actively linking Dutch companies to companies in southern Germany, the Dutch economy can also benefit from this economic growth. According to ING, opportunities abound in southern Germany, especially in the high-tech and automotive sectors.