Dutch enterprise benefits from European space flight

In a letter to the House of Representatives, Minister Kamp of Economic Affairs describes how the government ensures Dutch businesses can continue to profit from European spaceflight by investing in projects like the Ariane 5 European space rocket, analysing climate and air quality from space and maintaining the ISS space station.

'Dutch businesses and TNO are global leaders in space technology’, states Minister Kamp. ‘By investing in European space programmes the government ensures Dutch businesses can continue to profit from opportunities on the European market. This will not only generate knowledge, but also jobs and income for the Netherlands’.


By the end of November the European Space Agency (ESA) will meet to allocate space programmes for 2013-2015 to 20 Member States. The Netherlands has subscribed to several programmes for a total of 136 million Euros.

High Tech Top Sector

This investment allows Dutch businesses to continue to profit from space programmes implemented in the European context. The space sector in the Netherlands covers some 50 businesses and knowledge institutes with an annual turnover of 140 million Euros. Spaceflight is a key component of the High Tech Top Sector.

Advanced space programmes

Dutch businesses and knowledge institutes are global leaders in space technology and have years of experience implementing advanced space programmes such as the processing of photos of Earth in navigation software and analysis of meteorological data.