Dutch sustainable project receives €199 million EU subsidy

The Dutch project Woodspirit will receive €199 million from a EU subsidy scheme to stimulate renewable energy projects. The announcement was made by Connie Hedegaard, European Commissioner for Climate Change on 18 December 2012.

Demonstration project

Woodspirit is a demonstration project developed by the company BioMCN in Delfzijl for the production of bio-methanol, for use as a transportation fuel additive.

“Woodspirit delivers a significant contribution to the development of biofuels,” said Minister Kamp of Economic Affairs. “Moreover, the partnership will boost economic activity in the North of the Netherlands.”


The Woodspirit project was awarded the grant under the NER300 scheme. NER300 is a funding programme for innovative projects for environmentally-friendly CO2 storage and renewable energy.

Total investment in the project amounts to approximately €500 million. Other companies involved in the consortium are BioMCN, Siemens, Linde and VS Hanab.