Global conference on Oceans, Food Security and Sustainable Growth in The Hague

How do you make sure there is enough food for everyone in the world in 2050? What role do the oceans play? To find an answer our Minister for Agriculture, Sharon Dijksma of Economic Affairs, the World Bank and a number of partner countries have organised a global conference on Oceans, Food Security and Sustainable Growth.

The conference will take place in The Hague from 9 to 13 September 2013. Dijksma: 'I want to bring together authorities, the private sector, world leaders, knowledge institutions and civil society organisations to discuss how broadly based actions and partnerships can help to make healthy and productive oceans a driver of sustainable growth and shared prosperity.'

Healthy oceans essential to food security

Healthy oceans are essential to food security and sustainable economic growth. The oceans cover 72% of the surface of the globe. According to figures from the World Bank, the oceans produce 16% of the overall animal protein consumed in the world. That means that a billion people are dependent on fish on a daily basis as their primary source of protein. A broad range of economic activates are related to the oceans and a specific number of those are only possible if the oceans are resilient, healthy and productive.