Fewer pop-ups following relaxation of cookie law

In a letter to the House of Representatives, Minister Kamp of Economic Affairs indicated that the cookie law will be amended to ensure websites no longer have to request permission to use cookies which do not compromise privacy. The amendment applies to ‘analytics cookies’, which  enhance the effectiveness of websites. 

Privacy users protected

'I consider it important that the privacy of internet users is well protected,' said Minister Kamp. 'At the same time, we should make sure this protection does not unnecessarily hinder users through excessive pop-ups.'

Tracking cookies

The relaxation of the cookie law will ensure that internet users will only be asked permission if this is really important regarding the protection of privacy. However, websites which include tracking cookies, aimed at gathering information about users’ behaviour, will still have to ask visitors for permission to install them. 

Respond to the proposal

Interested parties, website owners, consumers and others can respond to the proposal over the next six weeks. After that, it will be presented to the Council of State. The proposal is expected to be submitted to the House of Representatives in autumn.