Foreign investments create more than 4000 jobs

Dutch Minister for Economic Affairs Henk Kamp has stated that the government’s lobbying efforts have created €827 million Euros in investments for the Dutch economy in the first half of 2013, generating 4,332 additional jobs. Minister Kamp made the announcement in Utrecht on 30 September at the opening of the new global research centre ‘Nutricia Research’, part of the French organisation Danone.

Attractive for foreign businesses

'Our highly qualified population and quality facilities make the Netherlands an attractive country for foreign businesses', the Minister said. 'These investments are good for the Dutch economy, providing revenue and jobs'.

Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency

The total amount of foreign investments has more than doubled compared to the first half of 2012, when €378 million Euros in investments created 1,973 jobs. Danone’s research centre provides employment for at least 400 staff and the location of Utrecht was partly chosen thanks to the lobbying efforts of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA). Danone will focus on the development of baby food and dietary foods for medical purposes.

Well-considered decision

The Minister said that Danone’s decision to establish its research centre in the Netherlands was well-considered. 'The Netherlands harbours a lot of innovation knowledge, which is a decisive factor for organisations like Danone. Twelve of the world’s largest agrifood businesses have a research centre in the Netherlands, and Wageningen University is globally renowned for its food research program.'

Food research

In addition to the NFIA, Utrecht University, the provincial government and Utrecht municipal authority have also lobbied for the Science Park as a location for Danone’s research centre. In 2007 the French organisation bought the Dutch company Royal Numico, and Nutricia is one of its subsidiaries. Annually, Danone invests €275 million Euros in global food research.

The NFIA assists and advises foreign businesses in setting up and expanding their activities in the Netherlands. The NFIA also focuses on promoting the Netherlands as a country with an attractive investment and business climate.