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  1. Seven countries jointly conduct large-scale electricity crisis exercise

    On 24 – 26 October, representatives from Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland took part ...

    News item | 30-10-2023 | 12:15

  2. Accessible government desk for cyber security advice

    Resilience against cybercrime, digital espionage or sabotage via digital means begins with individual organisations. With ...

    News item | 26-06-2023 | 14:30

  3. Ministers Adriaansens and Kuipers to visit US for Life Sciences trade mission

    More than fifty innovative Dutch companies (startups, SME’s and large businesses) and knowledge institutes are part of an ...

    News item | 29-05-2023 | 07:57

  4. The Netherlands and UK expand energy collaboration with new electricity link

    Speaking at the North Sea Summit in Oostende today, Announced today at the North Sea summit, Dutch and British Ministers jointly ...

    News item | 24-04-2023 | 07:00

  5. NATO Innovation Fund to Establish its Headquarters in the Netherlands

    The headquarters of the NATO Innovation Fund (NIF) will be located in the Netherlands, the NIF has announced today. The NIF is ...

    News item | 20-03-2023 | 19:30

  6. The Netherlands and Aruba are organising a climate conference on Aruba

    Small islands, like those in the Caribbean Netherlands, are particularly vulnerable to climate change and are already ...

    News item | 20-03-2023 | 17:00

  7. Dutch Minister Adriaansens: Internet toll will ultimately penalize consumers

    Large European telecom operators are considering to charge an Internet toll for the internet traffic that online service ...

    News item | 27-02-2023 | 09:00

  8. Netherlands no longer dependent on Russian energy

    Almost a year after Russia invaded Ukraine, the Netherlands has virtually stopped importing energy from Russia. The only ...

    News item | 10-02-2023 | 08:00

  9. The Netherlands provides equipment and parts to Ukraine to help repair its energy infrastructure

    This winter the Netherlands is supporting Ukraine by providing a shipment of materials so the country can repair crucial energy ...

    News item | 08-12-2022 | 18:02

  10. Ed Nijpels appointed as climate table quartermaster Bonaire

    Climate change has global effects, but certainly in the Caribbean Netherlands the impact of climate change is large and directly ...

    News item | 23-11-2022 | 14:02