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  1. Support package for jobs and economy to be continued in third quarter

    The outlook for economic recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic is positive and the virus appears to be on the wane. However, there ...

    News item | 27-05-2021 | 16:45

  2. Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy to be temporarily replaced

    The Government Information Service has made the following announcement of behalf of the Prime Minister:

    News item | 24-05-2021 | 17:20

  3. Step 2: Indoor sports facilities to reopen and more scope for activities outdoors

    The number of COVID-19 patients in hospitals has fallen slightly. And, with more than 6 million vaccine doses administered, the ...

    News item | 11-05-2021 | 20:15

  4. Dutch input reflected in EU-proposal to safeguard a level playing field between companies

    Companies using government support from non-EU countries to compete unfairly with (Dutch and other) EU entrepreneurs are a ...

    News item | 05-05-2021 | 12:45

  5. Innovative projects given additional €1.35 billion boost due to funding from National Growth Fund

    €1.35 billion will be allocated from the National Growth Fund to projects relating to artificial intelligence, regenerative ...

    News item | 09-04-2021 | 14:50

  6. Government allocates €646 million to projects designed to boost economic growth

    The government is injecting €646 million into and setting aside €3.5 billion for ten projects designed to ensure greater economic ...

    News item | 09-04-2021 | 14:10

  7. Support and recovery package substantially expanded

    The government is substantially expanding its support package for jobs and the economy. Vaccination has begun, opening up ...

    News item | 21-01-2021 | 17:47

  8. Bas van ‘t Wout appointed Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy

    On Wednesday 20 January 2021 King Willem-Alexander will honourably discharge Mr Bas van ‘t Wout as State Secretary for Social ...

    News item | 20-01-2021 | 14:00

  9. North Sea Energy Outlook establishes framework conditions for future growth of offshore wind energy

    Offshore wind energy plays an important role in making Dutch energy supply more sustainable and achieving climate objectives. The ...

    News item | 04-12-2020 | 14:48

  10. Collaboration Between the United States and the Netherlands Focuses on Hydrogen Technology

    Today, the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) and the Dutch Ministry of ...

    News item | 06-10-2020 | 15:00