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Can I get a grant for conservation or landscape management?

If you are a landowner, you can apply for a grant to help maintain protected species of plants and animals on your property....

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Organisation chart Commissariat for Military Production

Organisation chart of the Commissariat for Military Production (CMP) as of April 2017.

Publication | 08-09-2017

Better Regulation: Towards a Responsible Reduction in the Regulatory Burden 2012-2017

The Cabinet has been working on improving laws and regulations and reducing the regulatory burden. This document is  the...

Report | 22-08-2017

Treaty of Almelo implementing act

Act implementing the Treaty of Almelo and corresponding treaties and to protect the public interest in connection with the...

Publication | 14-06-2017

Takeovers of businesses

In recent months, there has been a visible increase in takeover activities, both in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe....

Parliamentary document: Letter to the Parliament | 20-05-2017

Energy Agenda: Towards a low-carbon energy supply

The Energy Agenda describes the choices to be made and the steps to be taken towards a low-carbon energy supply in 2050.

Report | 01-03-2017

Opening speech by Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, Henk Kamp, at the Emerging Technologies Summit, Stanford

Speech | 10-01-2017

‘The Dutch startup climate’, keynote speech by minister Kamp

‘The Dutch startup climate’, keynote speech by minister Kamp at the University of California, Berkeley, 9 January 2017.

Speech | 10-01-2017

Keynote speech minister Kamp Smart e-Mobility in Practice Conference

Keynote speech by minister Kamp at Smart e-Mobility in Practice Conference, San Francisco, 9 January 2017.

Speech | 09-01-2017

Netherlands Radio Spectrum Policy Memorandum 2016

Given the considerable social importance attached to the use of radio spectrum, the Ministry of Economic affairs organised a...

Report | 01-12-2016