The Netherlands provides equipment and parts to Ukraine to help repair its energy infrastructure

This winter the Netherlands is supporting Ukraine by providing a shipment of materials so the country can repair crucial energy infrastructure. It includes transformers, switch components and cables needed to repair the electricity grid. The contribution is part of the €180 million the Dutch government has set aside to help Ukraine make it through the winter, of which €18 million is for helping the country repair its infrastructure. Recent Russian bombing has further increased the damage done to the electricity grid and other critical infrastructure. As a result, a portion of the Ukrainian population is regularly without electricity, heating and/or water.

Equipment and parts for making repairs

Since October, Russia has carried out countless attacks on Ukraine’s energy grid. Despite Ukrainians’ best efforts, a shortage of equipment and parts is among the factors making repairs increasingly difficult. Various talks with Ukraine and the European Commission have recently taken place to establish what equipment and parts Ukraine needs most. The Netherlands’ contribution worth some €6 million includes materials that can be used to help Ukraine repair its electricity grid. For security reasons, the details of the shipment – including the final destination – will not be made public.

The Netherlands is working with the European Commission on the logistical side of the operation, and transport to Ukraine will be covered by the EU’s humanitarian aid organisation. An international initiative is now up and running to assist Ukraine by providing equipment so that repairs to the country’s energy infrastructure can continue to the fullest possible extent.