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Curriculum Vitae of Ingrid van Engelshoven (French)

Publication | 06-11-2017

Curriculum Vitae of Arie Slob (German)

Publication | 06-11-2017

Speech by minister Bussemaker at the opening of the conference 'Practicing the Commons'

Speech by minister Bussemaker at the opening of the conference 'Practicing the Commons', on self-governance, cooperation and ...

Speech | 08-08-2017

Joint Position Paper on the European Open Science Cloud

Report | 30-05-2017

Letter to the House of Representatives on the progress of open science

Letter from the State Secretary for Education, Culture and Science informing the House of Representatives of the progress made in ...

Letter | 19-01-2017

How many school holidays do pupils have?

In the Netherlands, the number and length of the school holidays depends on the type of school. The Compulsory Education Act says ...

Question and answer

When are the school holidays in 2020-2021?

The following holiday dates in the 2020/2021 school year are for primary education, special education and secondary education.

Question and answer

Letter about the policy on restitution of items of cultural value and the Second World War

Minister Bussemaker (Education, Culture and Science) informs the House of Representatives about the steps that she intends to ...

Parliamentary document: Letter to the Parliament | 04-10-2016

State secretary Sander Dekker about Open Access

Open science, open access

Publication | 26-05-2016

Opiniestuk van Staatssecretaris Dekker over Open Access

open science, open access, wetenschappelijke tijdschriften

Speech | 26-05-2016