Statement by Minister Koenders on the outcome of elections in the Gambia

In this statement, foreign minister Bert Koenders congratulates the newly elected president of the Gambia, Adama Barrow.

‘In calm presidential elections, the Gambian people have made a clear choice for Adama Barrow, the candidate put forward by the coalition of opposition parties. I congratulate Mr Barrow on his victory. The country’s current president, Yahya Jammeh, has accepted the result and stated that he will relinquish power. The peaceful and democratic nature of these elections provides significant impetus for the further adoption of democratic principles in Africa.
‘This outcome offers the chance of a new future to the Gambia and its people. It also offers hope to young Gambians and to all those Gambians who have fled abroad and who now have the chance to return and contribute to the country’s development. Finally, I would like to call on the newly elected president to reconsider the Gambia’s decision to withdraw from the International Criminal Court and to ensure that the Gambia resumes its place in the African and international legal order.’

Ministry responsible