The Netherlands welcomes UN Security Council Resolution 2356 on North Korean Nuclear Weapons Programme

The Kingdom of the Netherlands welcomes UN Security Council Resolution 2356 which was adopted unanimously in New York today. The Resolution expands the current sanction regime and is a reaction to the ongoing ballistic missile launches, the violations of UNSCR sanctions and the threat the DPRK poses for the peace and stability in the region. Minister Koenders of Foreign Affairs, who is in New York for the election of the Kingdom of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the UN Security Council, calls the resolution 'a clear signal by the international community to the DPRK needs to retrace on its steps and that the missile launches are unacceptable.’ 

‘The repeated and unacceptable violations of international obligations further isolate the DPRK at the expense of the well-being of its own population. The regime must halt its provocations, terminate the nuclear and ballistic programs and return to the negotiating table. This is only possible by combined diplomatic pressure', according to Minister Koenders. The Netherlands will commit to the rapid implementation of the robust sanctions into EU measures.