IOB – Evaluation of Dutch Development Cooperation in the Palestinian Territories 2008-2014

The evaluation of Dutch development cooperation in the Palestinian Territories will cover the period from 2008 until mid-2014, which largely coincides with the terms of the Multi Annual Strategic Plans (MASP) for the Palestinian Territories 2008-2011, 2012-2015 and 2014-2017 of the Netherlands Representative Office (NRO) in Ramallah.

Since 1993, the Government of the Netherlands has been giving development aid to the Palestinian Territories as part of the broader Middle East Peace Process. The development programme 1994-1999 for the Palestinian Territories was evaluated in 1999. Attention was also given to the Palestinian Territories in the Policy and Operations Evaluation Department (IOB) evaluation of human rights projects of 2012 and in the IOB study of the quality of the bilateral development cooperation of 2013. The Palestinian Territories are among the larger recipients of Dutch development aid. This justifies a comprehensive evaluation of the programme after the first one that was carried out in 1999.

This evaluation is initiated in response to the request of mr. De Roon, Party for Freedom (PVV), member of the House of Representatives, of 11 November 2013. He suggested to evaluate Dutch development aid to the Palestinian Territories, being a fragile state, because these territories were not included in the IOB review of the Dutch policy concerning fragile states. He linked his request to ‘recent reports concerning the disappearance of EUR 2 billion of European Union (EU) development funds and about salaries for terrorists’. Minister Ploumen of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation informed the House of Representatives in July 2014 that an evaluation of Dutch development policy concerning the Palestinian Territories would be included in the IOB evaluation planning for 2015.