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Country of origin information report Syria June 2021

This country of origin information report describes the situation in Syria insofar as this is important for the assessment of ...

Report | 14-06-2021

End-Term Review WaterWorX programme - Phase 1

This review of the WaterWorX programme was conducted to monitor the progress of the programme for accountability purposes, derive ...

Report | 11-06-2021

Translations of the outlines for civil law settlements regarding mass executions in the former Dutch East Indies, 1945–1949

Informal translations of the Outline for civil law settlements to compensate the widows of victims of mass executions in the ...

Regulation | 01-06-2021

Succesful elements in refugee support and learning through exchange

This study includes a literature review of successful elements in Dutch interventions that improve refugees' access to employment ...

Report | 31-05-2021

Revu du soutien du Royaume des Pays-Bas au Système de Santé de Mali

This report looks back on 4 years of support to PRODESS III by the Dutch Embassy and what we learned from it. It mainly looks at ...

Report | 31-05-2021

Effectiveness Study of the Financial Inclusion Efforts of Four Rabo Partnerships (2015-2019)

This study was commissioned to gain insight into the impact of the interventions by Rabo Partnerships (RP) as part of the PPP ...

Report | 31-05-2021

Key-note speech 'Building Better Forward - a joint effort, in mutual interest'

Key-note speech by Steven Collet, Ambassador for Business and Development, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, at the ...

Speech | 27-05-2021

Déclaration de quatorze Etats membres européens sur la protection des personnes LGBTIQ au sein de l’Union européenne

Publication | 17-05-2021

Declaration of fourteen European Member States on the protection of LGBTIQ persons in the European Union

Today, on the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, The Netherlands joins the Declaration of fourteen ...

Diplomatic statement | 17-05-2021

Statement by Minister of Foreign Affairs Stef Blok for high-level conference ‘The Tenth Anniversary after the Signature of the Istanbul Convention. State of Play'

Ten years ago, after long and demanding yet also thorough deliberations, we signed a pivotal treaty. The gold standard for ...

Speech | 11-05-2021